What is Pro-Growth Bias?

Pro-Growth Bias is reflected in the media by the stories and words chosen, which hint and often trumpet that economic, population, and consumption growth is good and essential. We're here to expose the bias and encourage more balanced and thoughtful journalism. Here you can vote, discuss, and even post stories exemplifying the bias.

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Natural News Network: Las Vegas Gambles on a Sure Loss I was quite excited to find and share today’s honoree on the Wall of Fame. It is so uncommon to see someone blast the sheer stupidity of the growth obsession that occupies most cities in the arid American West. Mike Adams does a splendid job of giving Las Vegas (and a few others) a major smack in the head with Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix And Other Cities Headed For Imminent Water Supply Collapse; Wave Of Drought Refugees Now Inevitable. Okay, maybe he doesn’t get an A for headline writing. But otherwise he is a hero in my book. “One bizarre...
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Growth Profiteer: Keep Calm and Party On You can always count on a headline like this to attract the magnifying glass of the Truth Squad here at Growth Bias Busted: Don’t Fear Growth – It’s No Longer The Enemy Of The Planet. It’s not a joke. It’s simply another effort by growth-pushers to reassure us that we can be selfish, greedy, and gluttonous, and the world will still go round. In this commentary published, for some strange reason, by the UK Guardian, Chris Huhne takes a bit of data: “…the two-century link between growth and energy has broken. The UK economy has doubled in real terms since 1985,...
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Exemplary Overpopulation Reporting from PBS NewsHour and Mark Litke It’s a rare, but happy occasion when a mainstream media outlet provides frank and in-depth reporting on the world’s overpopulation. On Saturday PBS NewsHour broadcast Amid Population Explosion, Birth Control Access Roils the Philippines. This report by Mark Litke offered the unvarnished truth about the crisis in one country: “And from these overcrowded hospital wards, out into the teeming slums of the city, it’s easy to see this country is in the midst of a population explosion, what some are calling a crisis. The Philippines today has one of the highest birth rates in Asia with a population that has more than...
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WHY Do We Really Need Another Wal-Mart? I have to confess I have a very strong personal affinity for the folks at the Center for Biological Diversity. They put all other environmental NGOs to shame by prominently including population growth among the chief causes of what they are trying to protect, and ending population growth among the chief solutions. So I’m way too easy. The Wall of Fame is theirs at the drop of a hat. Today’s Famer, though, offers an outstanding opportunity to point out what wasn’t said by CBD Population and Sustainability Director Stephanie Feldstein in this recent Huffington Post piece. I’ll get to that, but first,...
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