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Climate Change and Limits to Growth

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How much fame or shame?:


  • Dave Gardner
    Dave Gardner Saturday, 08 February 2014

    This is a very good, if long, read. It makes some excellent points, whether or not you're married to capitalism. It's very interesting to see the line of reasoning leading to the conclusion that economic contraction is almost certainly necessary. In my view, because it focuses on climate change to the exclusion of the many other crises created by continued growth in the scale of the human enterprise, it goes through a lot of arguments that may be unnecessary. When you consider species extinction, fresh water supply, and fertile soil depletion, no other conclusion can be drawn other than the need to have economic and population contraction.

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  • Grant
    Grant Saturday, 08 February 2014

    Thanks, that makes sense. It's part of why I want to know more about persuasion. I wonder, though, if "thicker" but narrower accounts might create more personal attachment to a movement. Of people who are aware of crises, I think many, probably most, expect dei ex machina. Drilling down into contingencies might address that for some. But I think most people base their decisions mainly on non-rational bases like small group solidarity, and I saw a good short vid on that, which I'll post.

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