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It wasn’t but last week that we featured a SciDev.Net article on our Wall of Fame.  However, this article in the same publication by Cecilia Rosen, really does miserably fail to see the big picture.  Certainly, with limited resources and arable land we are facing a global food and agricultural crisis, but what this article completely avoids is the root of the problem: an unsustainable level of population growth. “The world is not increasing yields of major crops quickly enough to meet future food demands from an expanding population.”  This thinking is completely backward.  It should read that the expanding population is growing too quickly for a sustainable and feasible level...
How much shame?
In this article, Claudia Mazzeo brings a study from the latest issue of Ecological Economics to our attention.  This research, which includes information from 17 countries, shows that GDP has more than tripled over a 50 year time span.  But more importantly it also reveals that the “overall social wellbeing has decreased since 1978.”  The study looks at the Genuine Progress Indicator, or GPI, as a much more accurate gauge of the health of a nation’s economy because it also includes environmental and social factors. According to Robert Costanza, a co-author of the study, the results show “that global GPI per capita peaked in 1978.  This means that, globally, the external...
How much fame?

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