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This essay based on the book, America the Possible: Manifesto for a New Economy, was a must for the Wall of Fame here at Growth Bias Busted because it gets right to the heart of why this website exists: “One of the few things on which left, right, and center agree is that growth is good and more of it is needed. Here's why that is so problematic.”  When James Gustave Speth writes or speaks about our economy and our environment, people should listen. He’s been around the block a time or two. He was a Rhodes Scholar, Yale Law School grad, and Supreme Court law clerk before he really got...
How much fame?
  The SurfKY News Group hits the Wall of Shame today with a big gold star. Hopkinsville Leads Commonwealth in Population Growth would be a classic example of reporting on population growth with the journalist’s brain in autopilot – if it had been written by a reporter. In this case what appears to be a news story is actually a republished news release from the City of Hopkinsville. So we’re not going to shame SurfKY for incomplete reporting, but for NO reporting, and for letting this news release appear to be a news story, without a clear indication it’s a news release. Perhaps in the process, we can encourage the author...
How much shame?

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