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Pro-Growth Bias is reflected in the media by the stories and words chosen, which hint and often trumpet that economic, population, and consumption growth is good and essential. We're here to expose the bias and encourage more balanced and thoughtful journalism. Here you can vote, discuss, and even post stories exemplifying the bias.

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Global Crop Yields Fail to Keep Pace with Demand It wasn’t but last week that we featured a SciDev.Net article on our Wall of Fame.  However, this article in the same publication by Cecilia Rosen, really does miserably fail to see the big picture.  Certainly, with limited resources and arable land we are facing a global food and agricultural crisis, but what this article completely avoids is the root of the problem: an unsustainable level of population growth. “The world is not increasing yields of major crops quickly enough to meet future food demands from an expanding population.”  This thinking is completely backward.  It should read that the expanding population...
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