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Growth Bias Busted is all about examining the unexamined assumptions that pervade reporting on economic growth, population growth, urban growth and consumption:titaniccolor2

  1. Growth leads to prosperity.
  2. The absence of growth is failure.
  3. We can grow our economies, our population, our cities and our consumption forever.
  4. Technological advances will overcome any temporary limits we encounter.
  5. If there is an end to growth, it is so far out in the future we need not consider it now.

There is mounting evidence that there are real limits to growth, and a growing number of scientists, economists, and organizations questioning the old assumptions about growth, embracing the end of growth and exploring new models for good lives and healthy economies. Here are a few places to explore:

Reading on Economic Growth:
Economics in a Full World, by Herman Daly
Scientific American, September 2005

Reading on Population Growth:
Frequently Asked Questions at World Population Balance

Limits to Growth:
The Limits to Growth (free online version)
Common Misconceptions


The Club of Rome
Millennium Alliance for Humanity & the Biosphere
Pachacuti Community
The Sustainability Project / 7th Generation Initiative
Transition Network

Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy
New Economics Foundation
New Economy Coalition
Post Growth Institute
Schumacher Center for a New Economics

Dick Smith Population
Population Connection
Population Institute
Population Matters
Population Media Center
Sustainable Population Australia
World Population Balance

Consumption & Lifestyle:
The Simplicity Collective
The Story of Stuff

The End of Growth
Enough is Enough
Humanity on a Tightrope
Life, Money and Illusion
Life on the Brink
Life’s Operating Manual
Supply Shock

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