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Rubin and Suzuki - End of Growth Tour

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Today I commend David Suzuki and Jeff Rubin for their End of Growth Tour. We don’t often fame or shame really old news, but today is one of those exceptions – because the subject of this fame is really exceptional. The tour actually took place in the Fall of 2012, but I only recently learned of it (thanks to Karen Gaia’s World Overpopulation Awareness newsletter). The good news is you can access a video made at the London, Ontario stop at University of Western Ontario:

This is not a snappy three-minute cartoon. It is a fascinating 45:00 presentation with some meat, that is easy to watch. Jeff Rubin, former chief economist and strategist for CIBC World Markets, is the author of Why Your World is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller and The End of Growth. Here is a guy who made a good living in the financial world but stopped to tell us that eternal economic growth is a fairy tale. 

“This tour is a great opportunity to share my message…at a time when it has never seemed more urgent to recognize the limits to growth and what sustainability really means for our economy. Sustainability isn’t just an abstract notion. It is the governing idea behind the kind of economy we need to foster.”         - Jeff Rubin

David Suzuki has earned his status as a Canadian celebrity, writing and speaking articulately about environmental stewardship and sustainability. A geneticist, he hosts The Nature of Things on CBC television, has written more than 40 books, and co-founded the David Suzuki Foundation.

“The challenge with climate change is not how can we afford to reduce emissions, but how can we construct an economy that lives within the confines of nature’s boundaries.”          - Dr. David Suzuki

Suzuki’s presentation in this video is, as always, energetic and engaging. Rubin is also lively, and he does an outstanding job of explaining why we are experiencing the end of economic growth. You simply must share this with everyone you know – not just your butcher, your baker and candlestick maker, but also your banker, stockbroker, CEO, newspaper editor and your older children.

Thanks to Random House Canada, Greystone Books, and the many venues which hosted Suzuki and Rubin across Canada in 2012. We’d love to see them hit the U.S., the UK, China and Australia.

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