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Obama Advisers Say U.S. Economy Poised for Gains 2014-2015

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More news about economic growth…where it’s been, where it’s headed, how much it will affect our lives, the importance of an ever expanding economy, so on and so forth. Nothing new, original, or objective. But important nonetheless to keep realizing how much these biased notions are permeating our culture. This Bloomberg Business Week piece by Roger Runningen is more business as usual.

We open with, “…Obama’s advisers said the U.S. economy is on track to strengthen and add more jobs in the next two years because many of the impediments to faster growth have subsided.”  First, no one wants anyone out of work. But, by the same token, no one addresses any of the big picture environmental issues that this growth push creates or talks about what could be more effective ways of creating this end goal of increased equity. And the last 6 words of the sentence make it very clear that growth is solely a positive movement and anything to slow it down is considered bad news. He goes on to say that “The growth being forecast isn’t enough to substantially reduce unemployment…” Again, perhaps someone could suggest lower working hours, less prioritization on material wealth, and more equitable pay. But then that person would probably be called a socialist.

Runningen goes on to say that, “…housing is on the rebound, manufacturers are adding jobs for the first time since the 1990s and exports are accelerating…” He’s implying that these are all good steps forward but there is another side to this story that is so rarely addressed. An objective and educated journalist might also note that more houses, more manufacturing, and more exporting also mean significant increases in emissions, resource depletion, poor usage of arable land, and waste.

And if the bias still isn’t apparent then here are a few more tidbits that should clear that up…

“2014 growth projection is more optimistic”

“housing demand is gathering momentum”

And apparently we’re still not close to a “healthy” economy since, “that would require GDP growth in the range of 4 to 5 percent.”

All we're asking is for someone in the mainstream to take another look at this idea that continued and ever-expanding economic growth are the the keys to our happiness. Maybe try not to inundate their readers with the bias. And perhaps look at the darker side of using GDP as our only indicator of success.

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  • Dave Gardner
    Dave Gardner Tuesday, 11 March 2014

    I know it can feel like a broken record writing these critiques, but I don't think these ideas are being repeated to the journalists nearly enough, if at all. So keep playing that record, Lynsey. They will eventually get the message.

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