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Bill Nye Warns that Population Growth is Driving Global Warming

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We know that The Daily Caller prides itself on being a politically conservative publication so finding something progressive regarding population growth would be as likely as hearing Sean Hannity talk about his love of nature. So don’t be fooled by the title of this article. These folks are NOT Bill Nye fans, nor are they big on viewing overpopulation as an actual problem. Oh and they also don’t think climate change is real. So we can safely give this Michael Bastasch piece a very comfortable home on the Wall of Shame.

My favorite bit of propaganda is the disclaimer in the second paragraph. He quotes Nye as stating, “In the year 1750, there were about a billion humans in the world. Now, there are well over seven billion people in the world. It more than doubled in my lifetime. So all these people trying to live the way we live in the developed world is filling the atmosphere with a great deal more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases than existed a couple of centuries ago.” Pretty much a smorgasbord of undeniable and, what I would consider, completely inoffensive facts. But all Bastasch cares to comment on is that Nye is “not actually a scientist.” Good one. Nye – 0. Bastasch – 1.

Except here’s the thing. Nye actually did study mechanical engineering and graduated from Cornell with a Bachelor of Science. Not to mention he studied under Carl Sagan and has devoted most of his life to scientific education. So, yeah. There’s that.

The article then attempts to discredit Nye further by saying the hockey stick graph to which he refers has been proven wrong. That temperatures are not warmer now than Roman Times. Again, not true and you can read about it here. But for the sake of argument, let’s assume there is controversy about the accuracy of the hockey stick graph and just when, in the last 4,000 years, the earth has reached it’s warmest temperatures on average. Even then, do melting glaciers, completely unpredictable global weather, increasing natural disasters, and warming ocean temperatures mean nothing here?

Apparently not. In the debate that inspired this article, Bill Nye’s opponent said that suggesting our actions could affect climate change was “medieval witchcraft.” You can get more good laughs here at Marc Morano’s website Climate Depot. The piece continues on to knock down any references that suggest family planning might be a good idea for the planet as well. Bastasch uses biased phrases and inaccuracies such as:

“…failed presidential candidate Al Gore told an audience that “fertility management” was part of the solution…”

“…Paul Ehrlich preached the idea.”

“…global temperatures have been flat for the last 17 years now, despite the fact that the world’s population has grown by about 1 billion people since the late 1990s.”

This article is journalism at it’s worst. Completely biased, filled with falsities, and fraught with political agendas. Let’s try to do our homework before making wild accusations and discrediting scientific facts you guys.

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  • Dave Gardner
    Dave Gardner Tuesday, 11 February 2014

    I just have one disagreement. I wouldn't even call the story journalism. Or is it even a "story." It isn't clear on their site whether it's intended to be commentary or reporting. But it is definitely an opinion piece, in my view.

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