What is Pro-Growth Bias?

Pro-Growth Bias is reflected in the media by the stories and words chosen, which hint and often trumpet that economic, population, and consumption growth is good and essential. We're here to expose the bias and encourage more balanced and thoughtful journalism. Here you can vote, discuss, and even post stories exemplifying the bias.

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More Chinese Babies Needed to Save the Sneaker 40 years ago China wised up and realized no good was coming from its ride on the hockey-stick shaped curve of exponential population growth. Not everyone is thrilled about that nation’s solution. China’s one-child policy has been derided as oppressive, and there is no doubt its implementation left much to be desired. However, the reasoning behind the policy was quite sound. It is particularly troubling, therefore, to find growth boosters and birth-dearthers coming out of the woodwork to cry out for Chinese women to begin pumping out workers. None of these boosters is asking for more beautiful children, who will grow...
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Vatican Rolls Out New Line of Chastity Belts News that Pope Francis advised Catholics not to breed “like rabbits,” stormed the social media this week. Clearly we cannot ignore this here at Growth Bias Busted. The media coverage showed little evidence of pro-growth bias, but we do often feature the remarks and policy positions of world leaders.  Thus, we were presented with a quandary: Do we honor Pope Francis for advocating “responsible parenthood?” Or do we put him on the Wall of Shame for continuing to obstruct the most realistic, effective form of being responsible about how many children couples bring into the world?  I was aided in this...
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President Leads Giant Liquidation Sale The U.S. obsession with economic growth was in full display Tuesday night. The state of the economy headlined President Barack Obama’s DIY performance review, aka the State of the Union. Both the President and the GOP rebuttal competed to see who could promise U.S. citizens the most – the most jobs, the most income growth, the lowest taxes…the most economic growth. “Tonight, after a breakthrough year for America, our economy is growing and creating jobs at the fastest pace since 1999.” We only had to wait till the second paragraph of the President’s speech to get to what is universally being...
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ABC Offers More Complete Economic News Today we honor Australia’s ABC Radio program, RN Breakfast, for including an alternate view of what is universally characterized as “gloomy” global economic growth forecasts. All-too-often we hear that less economic growth is bad news, from the high priests of the church of growth everlasting (politicians, bankers, and economists), and that’s ALL we hear. Last Friday RN Breakfast Producer Claire Stewart did what few journalists do. She invited Australian multi-millionaire philanthropist and sustainability activist Dick Smith to offer his perspective: “The present form of growth that our economic system requires—which is basically perpetual growth in the use of energy and resources—is not...
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